So who are we?

We are two guys living inna nice little place near Nürnberg in Germany.
All in all we know now for several years now and we share a wonderfull hobby, the fursuiting.

You can find us sometimes online and maybe sometimes onna con (well ok... we "try" to be there ;) )

For details just check the critters below :)

Ranga MoonFox

Heyas all.

Well what should I tell you?

I'm a 40 years old guy. Originally I studied mechanical engineering and now I work for a big
household appliance company.

For furry stuff I'm known as Ranga MoonFox, Chengdu, Bamboo, PatchPup and so on ;)
I have many names just because my hobby is fursuiting.
Since 2002 I'm building suits now. I wouldn't want to miss it anymore really.
Please check our fursuit section for all critters and sooo much more inforamtions.

Other stuff I like are motorbikes and I collect helmets.

All in all I have to say I'm horrible shy so it's not that often that you can find me on meetings.
We wanna do more personal meet in next time thought.

The rest of my "normal" life is quite boring. You really wanna know more?
Then take a strong cup of coffee and ask me in chat ;)

You have something to tell me, or you are willing to get to know this foxy here?
You could yell out of the window, or maybe better take your paw and write a mail to
                                    m o o n f o x y @ g m a i l . c o m (in german or english)

I mean you could use every other language, but I would not be able to read it...
ok, I would be able to read it but I would be unable to understand it ;)


Ok humm.. now it's my time to explain who I am..
(before you ask.. nope I dunno what to write ;) )

Lets start with my age. I'm 33 years old.
Originally I was trained as a truck mechanic.
Some reasons made me doing a job retraining to a car salesman.
Now I work for big car dealerships but not directly as the guy who is selling you a car ;)

As you already know I like fursuiting too.
It's nice to help MoonFox buidling suits and bouncing around as a fuzzy critter.

I like motorbikes too and maybe I'll get an own bike again too in a few years.

It's mostly me who tries to make MoonFox meetings more people, so lets see who is next *g*

If you want to contact me send me an email to:       t a g a r o @ g m a i l . c o m