Tagaro the cute and lovely wolf ;)
(*g* nope not really big and bad ;) ) :)

Humm.. what to tell you about this suit..
Well it's the very first fursuit for Tagaro. So it's kinda special for him :)
A shame the fur used for this suit wasn't best thought

This suit was the first suit MoonFox built after starting to work in his job.
It took a while to finish the wuff but it looks nice really.

The main idea for this suit was to make it look as cute as possible.
Well for our eyes it worked ;) Imagine this guy begs for something, could you say no?? ;)
We will build a new version from this suit sometimes soon, so watch out for the news ;)

Okies now some pics for you, have fun :)

And now to the video :) A small film of Tagaro playing with Chengdu. Have fun: