yeah issa MoonFox :)

This fox is the suit I worked on most. Two different heads, every day a new idea what to do ;)
So I can say he was "there" for me to learn how to build a proper fursuit.
It all begun a longer time before with the idea to have a fox suit, as I sooo wanna be a foxy.

For some special reasons, I waited for some time before I finally start building my suit.
I had some plans to work together with a friend of mine, but that never happend.
Somedays I found out that I have to build the suit all by myself, and so I started with it.
The body was not a problem for me, but I was very scared about building heads.
Here it was Atalon to show me a way to build a nice head. This way to build is the way I still use.
So thanks lots for helping me that much. *smiles* hey you made me building suits :))
I never wanted to rush in my suitbuilding stuff so it took some time.

I started as I came back from EF8 (was in the end of the august in 2002) and the "birthday" of version 1 from MoonFox was the 28.12.2002 :) It was a really special moment for me to wear the full suit for the first time. I can tell you, I gave all my skills and work to this suit and so the foxy is a part of me. I love to be the fox.

MoonFox Version 1

Some times later I got the idea, to build a second head. The first one was nice, but I found out that it is a bit big and for some things I wanted to do in my suit, I needed a head that is more small.
So I started with the second MoonFox head.
Here I have to say "thank you" to Furvan for showing me how to make a muzzle that can be opened.
He was it to say "hey it's not that problematic" and so I decided to give it another try and it ended great :)

MoonFox Version 2

All in all I can say, I still love my fox and I could never give him away.

I do lots of stuff in my suits, and you can find LOTS of fotos in gallery section.
One big dream I still have is it to visit one of these great conventions in the US.
I wanna see all those suits and bounce around with them. Get claws crossed for me that I can afford it somedays. I do my best to make it real.

But now enough of scribblings.

your foxy *MoonFox* =^-.-^=