- warning: this page is pretty old, we changed a lot in our style, but what we've shown here is working ;) -

This page will show you how Camio fox for Rakhan is built.

One of the most difficult parts on a suit is the head. I took some pics while I built Camio.
Maybe it gives you an idea how to build a suithead :)

da fox head

The material I use is a black foam. It's like normal foam covered in plastic material. It's a sports mat ;) It's a cheap material that is really durable and easy to work with. I cut it with scissors and glue it with hotglue.

Mainly I built a first shape, a bit bigger than the head. I built it with a structure as shown to make it stable.
Then I add muzzle and cheeks to it.

Next step is the close the holes in the construction with plastic mesh.
In the back I use velcro to close the head as tight as it's needed to avoid the head from falling off while wearing.
Now it's time to bring the plastic mesh to the head. This stuff is glued to the head with hotglue too.
For small holes in the construction you can use stramin (it's like mesh but only made from fabrics).
With that stuff you close all the holes in your construction.

At this point you can decide to make an open or closed muzzle or even a muzzle you can open while wearing.

Next point I wanna show is how I made the ears.
I use foam for them, cut them out, put fur on them and then glue them to the head :)
Thats all *g*

Now I start to finish the rest of the head. I start with glueing the eyes to the head.
Then I add the fur around the eyes, muzzle and so on. It needs some practise but is quite easy.
You just HAVE to work as correct as possible to hide the borders of the fur.

In the end I glued the fabric inside the muzzle to make it look more natural.
That't it kinda ;) Easy, wasn't it ??? ;)

more questions?

Okies so far for the head. Body and other parts are easier I'd say.
Good luck with your suit, and if you have some more questions, ask me :)
You'll find our mail addresses in our informations page.

lots of greetings

Ranga MoonFox =^-.-^=