it's time for a new colorfull foxy :)

Hi there :)

We thoughts it's time for a new project.

We had lots of nice fur here, and the only thing we needed was an idea what to do with it.
MoonFox wanted something demanding. Not just two or three colours, not an easy pattern.

First update - 12th February 2010

As usual, all our suits start with an idea drawn into a "pattern picture".
To give you an idea how it all started, here are said pics:

Well what should I say. It only took about 3 days to design the real pattern,
cut out the fur and sew it all together.

Sometimes it's funny how the question "will this suit look good???" makes work really easy.

So now we have the very first real suit pics. Zipper has still to be sewn in.

Well we really like the result.
Especially the pawprint on the arms are nice. Was worth the work to sew them in for sure.

Second update - 15th February 2010

Now this time we present the suit with sewn in back zipper, with some first testings of a chest padding.
And for sure, we proudly present the tail :).

More and more the foxy comes out I'd say.

Hummm... we love the tail. An other suitpart made of sooo many fur pieces ;)
The chest padding isn't perfect yet, but for a first try to see if that would be ok we think it's fine.

Third update - 11th April 2010

Wow, what a long time - sometimes the job keeps you away from fursuit building ;)

Ok here we have the head. The head is built up on a foam base.
The neck isn't done yet, but we thought we'll show you the head and suit with head now.
Somehow he's cute, isn't he?

Hummm... what should we say, we just love him ;)
Hand and feet paws are already planed, and we play with the idea to change the tail but not sure yet really.

Next steps have to be done now.
But we'll keep ya all informed.