Chengdu the panda-coon-foxy :)

Heyas :) Yeah I'm new here.
You still don't know me??? Awwwww.. we have to change that.

You will ask me "hey pal what critter are you???" so here is what I am.
I'm a strange mix between a red panda, a raccoon and a fox.

Or to be more honest, a mix between Makalu (the red panda owned by Eunos), Pyro Rakufox (owned by Eunos girlfriend, the nice Pyro :) ) mixed with the colours from Camio (the foxy owned by Rakhan).
*smiles* so a nice critter-mix :D - And I'm happy they all like the idea ;)

It all begun while Camio was built.
There was way to much reddish fur left and so an ideas was needed what to do with it.
The end of some ideas was the basic idea for me, Chengdu da panda-coon-fox :).
The fox who built me made some pattern ideas and started building a tail and the body suit.

For me we have lots of artwork by now. Check the Gallery for lots of nice pics from talented artists.
(it would be way to much to show all the pics here ;) )

Chengdu in fur :)

YAY, he is done :) Now I'm a happy critter :)
Here you can find some photos. The first two rows are from the first time I was wearing Chengdu.
The other two rows are lots of years laters ;) he still looks nice what makes me happy.
Lots more photos in the Gallery in the fursuit section.