Cayuga plushie :)

Heyas :)
Humm.. well who am I?
Mainly I am a mix between deer and wolf. But hey, I'm somehow special... I'm a plushie :)
What does this mean? Hehe, well my fur is very very soft and my body is snuggly.
There are lots of ideas in this suit to let the real plushie dream come true.

Wanna know some?
Okies I give you some hints.
First there is a complete inner suit. The complete suit is lined in snuggly red velvet.
Even the head is padded inside with this velvet.
Over the padding innersuit the fursuit itself is worn.
The handpaws are plushie like, only hand and thumb.

So all snuggly and really nice to wear Cayuga :)

Here are some detail pics:

Now you know how Cayuga is built, here you can see how he looks like.
Hope you like him :)